"Applications" made with aluminum foil, charcoal, wax, and resin on paper (washi).  Relief boxes, indigo pigment, lime plaster, and sanding mesh are used in some pieces.  Laminated elements are applied directly on wall and are removeable.


  • an “image” that is elusive and insubstantial in order to more fully attend to its emergence.
  • an “image” that is not unified as an object, shape, sign or representation, but through an awareness of imagining itself. 
  • an unconstrained “image” coextensive with its flat open plane (vertical/horizontal) while standing out from this plane through ongoing acts of perception (sagittal).
  • a lucidity appearing across time that is the coherence and de-coherence of an array of discrete elements in a field of ambient light.. 
  • a threshold analogous to an arrival at a critical state.